We make brands stand out.

How we work?

Years of working with customers from all kinds of industries allowed us to create a process, which enables us to define customers' needs and then propose the best solution.

Jesteśmy blisko naszych klientów i zależy nam na ich sukcesie. Wskazujemy kierunek zmian tak, by zawsze byli o jeden krok do przodu. Wierzymy w partnerskie relacje oparte na wzajemnym szacunku i sympatii. Nasz wewnętrzny proces gwarantuje działania zgodne z potrzebami biznesowymi naszych klientów.

Step 1 - First Contact

The moment we get your inquiry, we will invite you to prepare a brief. During an approximately 45-minute meeting, we will talk about your brand and its needs.

Step 2 - Learning more

After conducting the brief, we will analyze it on our side. Sometimes this may result in additional questions, which we will clarify by e-mail.

Step 3 - Cooperation proposal

Once we finish the brief and have a full understanding of the situation, we will prepare a cooperation proposal for you. This is the moment when you decide whether you want to move forward.

Step 4 - Getting started

Once you accept our proposal, we start to act. The first step is to build a communication strategy for your brand. It will be the foundation for further work.

Step 5 - Standard activities

We will stay in touch throughout the whole cooperation. Every week we send information on the current results. Every month and quarter we present a broader report and suggestions for further actions.

Social Media marketing

As you can see, we only start running advertising campaigns when we get to know your business and understand the challenges it faces.. Why? We want our work to really support your business, and it's possible only on the basis of solid foundations.

For us, marketing is like playing a puzzle game. Gathering the right pieces and putting them in the right places is a matter of a good strategy.