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UX Audits

A website designed with the customer in mind increases sales. We will check yours in terms of UX and Usability.

How we work?


Our internal process guarantees a quality product in line with your business needs.

A website is not only about pretty pictures and catchy content. A modern website supports your whole business and helps you achieve your business goals, e.g. by providing constant flow of new potential customers. etc.

We offer the preparation and implementation of entire websites as well as landing pages. We also provide security and UX audits. 

We can also configure a WordPress CMS for you or clean it from malware.

The possibilities are many.

Step 1

First of all, we will determine the scope of business needs to be met by your website.

Step 2

Then we will translate the set goals into specific functions of the website.

Step 3

We will determine the most important target groups and prepare model personas of your ideal users and customers.

Step 4

An audit of an existing website or a study based on available data, such as behavioral models of the target group's person, will help us create appropriate design mockups.

Step 5

In the next phase, we will identify "user stories". Thanks to them, we will design information architecture supporting the achievement of your goals on the website. Then we will create the first mock-ups.

Step 6

Project implementation on the production server and final tests are the next stage of implementation. However, this does not have to be the end of our cooperation. We are often available as technical and substantive support for our clients.

Składamy strony internetowe jak puzzle

As you can see, we only sit down at our "drawing boards" when we get to know your business and understand your customers' needs. Why? We want your new website to support your business (check out these examples), and it is only possible on a solid foundation. This is not offered by cheap prefabs available on the web.

In our website designs, we use UX usability research. It turns out that as much as 85% of problems related to adapting a website to its users can be solved with the results of such researches.

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An appropriate briefing helps in determining the most important assumptions of the designed website: what function is to be performed in the sales funnel, to whom it is addressed, what are the visual assumptions, inspirations, what is the brand's mission and vision. Each step of our process allows us to prepare appropriate design mockups and translate them into the target website design.

The final stage consist of testing and implementation of the prepared websites in the client's infrastructure - if you do not have one, then we will help you get the domain and server for your new website.

What our clients say.

Working with KomuKoncept was pure pleasure. They guarantees professional approach to the topic and excellent performance. KomuKoncept team is friendly and immediately understand the client's needs. I recommend it especially to those who are just starting their business and need someone to help.

We've worked with KomuKoncept on many different projects. From designing new strategies to planning and implementing new marketing campaigns, they proved to be an amazing team capable of entering various roles.

KomuKoncept advised me to drop some costly ideas for running my social media and at the beginning of our cooperation we focused only on what was necessary for my company.

Effective communication

We are flexible and we understand that some clients prefer to remain in the complete decision loop, while other want to leave key decisions to our professional team of web designers and UX specialists.

In our projects, we also implement analytical tools such as: HotJar, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Inspectlet, Google Tag Manager or Facebook Pixel. Thanks to them, we can carry out a number of quantitative and qualitative analyzes. For this purpose, we use, among others, recordings of user sessions, heat maps and user flows to optimize conversions on the website.

Check out how we redesigned our customer's website providing them with tools for effective customer service in the event of a telephone helpline failure.

Our projects.

They trusted us.

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