About us.

In KomuKoncept, we think of marketing as if it was a game - LEGO, Tetris or Scrabble. Gathering the right pieces and putting them in the right places is a matter of a good strategy.

Afraid to hear "Game Over" or "Checkmate"? Don't worry, we'll make you a Winner!

We are not just another Social Media agency. We are a team that perfectly understands the difficulties of promotion and marketing. We faced the same challenges you are facing. After years of experience, we decided to unite for one purpose - to offer you a new level of marketing services and together create strong brands full of satisfied customers.

Become the one that holds all the cards in your industry!

Ola Dzwierzyńska

Ola Dzwierzyńska

Head of Social

Since 2013, she has been working with many institutions and NGOs - she knows their everyday challenges at first hand. Thanks to this, her strategies are tailored to the possibilities and needs of a given project. A graduate of Culture and Media Management at the Jagiellonian University.

He wants to promote the idea of zero waste and less consumerism in Tarnów - his hometown. She likes to eat a lot, although you wouldn't think that.

Agnieszka Unzeitig

Agnieszka Unzeitig

Head of Design

Her marketing adventure began in 2010. Since then, she has been gaining experience by helping companies from various industries like fashion, culture, construction or health service. In her daily work, she wants to discover and convey authentic stories about brands and build committed communities around them.

She loves good design and traveling. Her day always starts with a coffee (it is never instant!).

Michał Opydo

Michał Opydo

Managing Director

He knows marketing inside out, thanks to the experience he has acquired during over seven years of creating and running his own companies and startups. He is a co-founder of companies such as PressPad and TurboTranslations. During this time, he has built sales processes many times, planning and implementing marketing strategies from scratch.

He loves travel, good music and cats.