Social Media for you business

We will build your social media communication, to increase the engagement of your brand’s followers and bring new ones.

  • Strategy.
  • Creating posts and graphics.
  • Ad campaigns.
  • Stories.
  • Monthly reports.
Prowadzenie mediów społecznościowych

How we work?

Years of working with customers from all kinds of industries allowed us to create a process, which enables us to define customers' needs and then propose the best solution.

We are close to our clients and we care about their success. We show the direction of changes so that they are always one step ahead. We believe in partner relationships based on mutual respect and sympathy. Our internal process guarantees actions that are in line with the business needs of our clients. Social media is not only about pretty pictures and catchy content. It's easy to create a post that will have dozens of comments, but what for if it doesn't really help your business in any way? Proper running of Facebook or Instagram should first of all help you achieve your business goals.

Step 1 - First Contact

The moment we get your inquiry, we will invite you to prepare a brief. During an approximately 45-minute meeting, we will talk about your brand and its needs.

Step 2 - Learning more

After conducting the brief, we will analyze it on our side. Sometimes this may result in additional questions, which we will clarify by e-mail.

Step 3 - Cooperation proposal

Once we finish the brief and have a full understanding of the situation, we will prepare a cooperation proposal for you. This is the moment when you decide whether you want to move forward.

Step 4 - Getting started

Once you accept our proposal, we start to act. The first step is to build a communication strategy for your brand. It will be the foundation for further work.

Step 5 - Standard activities

During the cooperation, we stay in constant contact. Every two weeks we prepare a posting schedule, and after its approval, we publish the content on your social media. We provide more detailed monthly and quarterly reports together with suggestions on your Social Media presence development.

Social Media marketing

As you can see, we start running your social media only when we get to know your business and create a strategy of communication. Why? We want your media to actually support your business, and that is possible only on the basis of solid foundations.

For us, marketing is like playing a puzzle game. Gathering the right pieces and putting them in the right places is a matter of a good strategy.

What our clients say.

Working with KomuKoncept was pure pleasure. They guarantees professional approach to the topic and excellent performance. KomuKoncept team is friendly and immediately understand the client's needs. I recommend it especially to those who are just starting their business and need someone to help.

We've worked with KomuKoncept on many different projects. From designing new strategies to planning and implementing new marketing campaigns, they proved to be an amazing team capable of entering various roles.

KomuKoncept advised me to drop some costly ideas for running my social media and at the beginning of our cooperation we focused only on what was necessary for my company.

They trusted us.

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