A good product starts with a great design.

When creating a mobile application or a website, a good design is the basis for its success. We will create it for you.

  • UX Design.
  • UX Research.
  • Usability tests.
  • UX Audits
  • CRO
UX & Product design
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UX Audits

A website designed with the customer in mind increases sales. We will check yours in terms of UX and Usability.

UX Design.

Good user experience is the best way to satisfied users. We will help you create a product or service that will provide it.


Regardless of whether you are designing a service or a product, to do it right you need to know who your target users are. We will help you get to know them.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We will check your product to minimize the number of people who fall out of your marketing funnel due to the bad user experience.

How we work?

Years of working with customers from all kinds of industries allowed us to create a process, which enables us to define customers' needs and then propose the best solution.


We are close to our clients and we care about their success. We indicate the direction of changes so that they are always one step ahead. We believe in partner relations based on mutual respect and sympathy. Our internal process guarantees actions in line with the business needs of our clients. When designing, we are guided by knowledge about users to make sure that the final effect will be adapted to their needs and at the same time that it will support your business goals.

Step 1 - First Contact

The moment we get your inquiry, we will invite you to prepare a brief. During an approximately 45-minute meeting, we will talk about your brand and its needs.

Step 2 - Learning more

After conducting the brief, we will analyze it on our side. Sometimes this may result in additional questions, which we will clarify by e-mail.

Step 3 - Cooperation proposal

Once we finish the brief and have a full understanding of the situation, we will prepare a cooperation proposal for you. This is the moment when you decide whether you want to move forward.

Social Media marketing

As you can see, we only sit down at our "drawing boards" when we get to know your business and understand your customers' needs. Why?

A proper briefing helps in determining the most important aspects of the project: what is going to be the main goal of the website/application, who is it addressed to, what are the visual guidelines, inspirations, what is the mission and vision of the brand. We care about building amazing products & services, and that is possible only on the basis of solid foundations.

What our clients say.

Cooperation with KomuKoncept is pure pleasure. By entrusting them with a task, you are guaranteed a professional approach to the subject and perfect performance.

Agnieszka Wolińska
owner of the Śródmieście pub and Pół na Pół restaurant

We've worked with KomuKoncept on many different projects. From designing new strategies to planning and implementing new marketing campaigns, they proved to be an amazing team capable of entering various roles.

Press Pad
Wojciech Szywalski
marketing director in PressPad

Working with KomuKoncept was great :) From the beginning I had the impression that they are part of the team, always finding time to discuss the details of our projects.

Paweł Nowak
Paweł Nowak
co-founder of #omgkrk foundation

They trusted us.

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