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We began working with the client during the renovation of their new location. The main challenge, for both the client and the KomuKoncept team, was to define the identity of the emerging brand, which would be the first drink bar and shisha bar in a small city. We didn't have information about the target audience, and the client hadn't provided any specifics about the brand's character. So, we started with a blank slate and no prior research.

Pilipalili utilized a service to develop a mini-communication strategy. While it's a condensed approach, it effectively guides social media activities. After more than 1.5 months of effort, we achieved several outcomes, including identifying potential target audiences for our messaging. Following analysis of competitors in Tarnów and nearby areas, coupled with the unfamiliarity of our location to residents, we opted to begin with broad audience segments.

Women and men aged 30-40+ residing in Tarnów and its environs, encompassing:

    • Single women visiting with friends for a girls' night out,
    • Men occasionally visiting for a date with their spouse or hanging out with friends over drinks,
    • A circle of friends who relish spending quality time together with good drinks.

Tourists who visit Tarnów and stay overnight at the Tarnów Information Center.


The owner wanted the new brand to have a slightly humorous character - with a pinch of salt. The interior being created was intended to have a playful character (including cherry lamps) and the vessels in which the cocktails will be served send just such a message.

Knowing also that one of the hallmarks of the place will be cocktails with bubbles, and that alcohol and shisha are associated with spending free time with friends, we focused on the JOKER archetype.

A joker is the life of the party who tends not to think about serious matters. It fits well with brands that want to stand out and communicate through fun and humor.


We divided the storytelling into two parts: general and related to the cocktail thematic card (which changes once a year). The first one referred to pop culture icons of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. We also allow ourselves humorous, literature-inspired quotes, e.g.: "It doesn't matter what you drink, it matters where."

The newest card is called "Young Poland", so the references in the content are related to Polish literature from that period. Example: "The new page is a memory of summer, the sounds of the forest, golden fields of grain, forgotten hugs in the green thicket."

Actions – specific ideas for running social media

Our strategy extends beyond mere assumptions. It includes developing ideas for specific activities. When crafting the mini-strategy for Pilipalili, we proposed 26 activities distributed across three platforms: Facebook, Instagram Feed, and Stories.

The core focus of our ideas revolves around cocktails from our thematic menu, "high-end" spirits, and shisha. We engage our audience through alcohol-related riddles (surveys, quizzes) and witty quotes, such as Paolo Drinkhello's famous saying, "It's the ability to drink drinks that makes life so fascinating."

On Instagram, we focus in particular on reels and publishing Stories every day. We want to convey the atmosphere of Pilipalili and its distinctive features in these formats.

In addition to the actions outlined in the strategy, they are regularly reviewed and updated, including during quarterly meetings with the client.

Agnieszka Wolińska-Kulpa

Agnieszka Wolińska-Kulpa

Owner of the Pilipalili drinkbar

"Working with KomuKoncept is pure pleasure. When entrusting them with any task, you are guaranteed a professional approach to the subject and excellent execution. They are articulate, friendly and immediately understand the client's needs.”

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